1957 marked a special occasion for the people of Ghana: their time under colonial rule came to end, and they could at long last celebrate independence. Back then, education was sparse, with just one university and very few primary or secondary schools. In the last decade, between thirty and forty percent of Ghana’s annual budget has funded education, which has allowed an incredible number of schools to blossom. There are now over eight thousand junior secondary schools, and almost twenty thousand primary schools, in Ghana.

However, overwhelming expenses continues to cause the number of children in education to fluctuate. Education is key to children’s lives and yet, in the poorest areas, many children can still not attend school.

Back in 2007, in a small village called Krokoshwe, there was no school. In a village littered with potholes, children spent hours doing chores, enjoying childhood but with little hope of ever receiving an education. That year, Education4life would step in to change the lives of these children, by setting up an academy based in a church hall that would provide the children with free education. One room catered for up to 100 children; five classrooms separated by blackboards.

In 2015, work began on the new school building. The school now consists of four large classrooms and one multipurpose room and library. At weekends and during evenings, this room will also be used as a small medical visiting room with nurses.

The Education4life Academy succeeded in creating a safe environment for children to learn. The school has been fully registered with the Ghanian Welfare Office, having complied with all rulings and regulations. The academy is also registered with the High Court, after three years hard effort, so the school and grounds are fully protected for future generations. The school provides one nutritious meal a day, as well as free uniforms and water, and has one qualified teacher so far: her role includes training other teaching staff, in addition to teaching the children.


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