Under the project Sportz4all, it is a mission of ours to bring as many different sports to many different people, regardless of disability, age, wealth or gender and so increase the quality of life for all those involved

Sportz4all was formed thanks to the combined efforts of our founder, Lloyd Clewer, and "Ghana Sports Council" administrator, Francis Nana Asare. The ambition of the Sportz4all initiative is to enable disabled children and others, in deprived areas, to participate in sports activities. Both Farm4life and the "Ghana Cricket Association" had previously received the "African ICC Spirit of Initiative" award, for teaching blind cricket to the visually impaired. Not only does Sportz4all continue to teach disabled children how they can play sports, but we also offer communities equipment and clothing.

Sport can help children forget about their struggles in day to day life, and generally allow them to enjoy themselves. In addition, team sports (such as cricket and football) highlight the importance of certain life skills, such as teamwork.

As Lloyd Clewer noted, "Sportz4all also gives resources to governing and statutory bodies. It enables us to partner with them so that they can be encouraged to give their time and expertise to coach and mentor disabled and disadvantaged children."

Sportz4all have partnered with numerous sporting initiatives across the Greater Accra region of Ghana. One of these is the Faith Ladies where a women’s football team were given a complete kit. The Faith Ladies Project aims to turn a life of prostitution to a life of playing football, making friends and enjoying time together.


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